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Great Expectations...Great Results


October Development and Construction LLC began in 1995 in the Lawrenceville section of the City of Pittsburgh and is currently managed by Alfred DePasquale, and John Elash. Jr. III. It began when we bought and renovated six abandoned buildings in Mr. DePasquale’s neighborhood of Lawrenceville. Most, if not all, of the buildings were completely destroyed in the interior. Some were restoredto their original grandeur and others were renovated and updated with modern appliances and amenities.


The next phase October Development focused on the North Side, particularly Deutschtown, which it was drawn to by the volume of available properties, prime location, and their affordability. We worked closely with the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Northside Leadership Conference the goal was to create a positive impact on the community.


In conjunction with the URA and the community, October Development completed the “Historic Duetschtown Phase 1” project. We are dedicated and committed to our work and the communities in which we work and reside.


October Development understands the importance of revitalizing the old neighborhoods as opposed to urban sprawl. Renewed neighborhoods can bring together a blend of generations and family units. It is our goal to compliment modern aesthetics with the historical elements of the neighborhood. We also believe a culturally and economically mixed neighborhood is the best way to prepare our city for the future.


October Development was formed to develop both residential and commercial projects, from the planning stages through construction and project completion. Our expertise is twofold: First is the compete rehabilitation of older and historic homes. Secondly, while keeping the facade historic and as close to original as possible, we further give the interior all the modern day amenities of a new home. We won an award from the Post Gazette for large project category in 2008.


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